Depilgramage coverar Knights and Ladies,
We are very excited to announce that the Northeastern Lieutenancy is embarking on another pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March of 2017. This will be our third pilgrimage to the Holy Land, since I have been Lieutenant, and we go in support of our Christian brothers & sisters and in solidarity with the church in the Holy Land. Cynthia and I would like to extend this very special invitation to you, your friends and family. Come and walk with us in the footsteps of Jesus. Come see the place of His Annunciation and birth. Come and walk the Way of the Cross sharing in His Passion. Come and pray at the Holy Sepulchre, the Empty Tomb of our Risen Lord!

The Gospels will literally come alive for us as we have the opportunity to visit, pray and celebrate the Eucharist at the places held most
sacred to Christians. We fully expect this pilgrimage to be one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of our lives. Knights and Ladies who make this pilgrimage will have the opportunity to receive the pilgrim’s shell. We will leave the Holy Land blessed and completely filled with peace that only the Lord knows how to give. It is our hope that you will say, “YES” to this invitation to the most invaluable gift that you can ever give yourself – a pilgrimage to The Holy Land!
H.E. John J. Monahan